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Picture of my collection of DnD stuff, from 1E through to 5E

The Blog

Firstly, a hearty thank you for visiting Crit Hit Brit, the D&D blog from over the pond (or this side of the pond if you, like me, are in the land of Blighty!). This blog is best digested with a nice cup of tea ☕.

I set this site up in July 2022 to provide useful and original D&D content for both DMs and players. As a bit of fun, I also built Dundle, a once-per-day, 5-letter word game with a D&D theme (take a look here).

A picture of Dundle - a word game for DnD nerds
Dundle - a word game for DnD nerds

The Author

My name is Joel and I hail from the Medieval capital of England, living with my long-suffering D&D widow wife and two mini adventurers in training who also love to play. As well as tinkering with this site, I also publish content for 5E D&D on the DMs Guild.

My obsession with D&D started in the 80s (yes, when THAC0 was a thing), from 1E through 5E, albeit with a leapfrog over 3E (released while I was somewhat distracted by fine ales at Uni, plus a bit of studying). Although I love playing, I am definitely in the forever DM club.

My Work

As well as blogging, I also like to draw tokens and maps for use in VTTs, and create 5E modules that I sell on DMs Guild.

You can check out my latest token pack below:


Get every token you will need to play Light of Xaryxis - part 1!

I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any feedback please get in contact via Twitter or email (CritHitBrit AT gmail.com).

In the meantime, may the dice be kind!

Not quite time for farewell? Head over to the blog to hear what the bards are talking about:

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Get every token you will need to play Light of Xaryxis - part 1!
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